Bronze Medallion

Course fee :

$480 (Package)

$80 (Monthly) <Exclude exam fee>

Duration :

12 to 15 sessions plus 2 exam (Package) / 4 lessons (Monthly) plus 2 exam

Class size :

Min 4 person to start & up to 10 student per class


1) Trainee must attain Lifesaving 3 Award
2) Trainee must be able to swim under 1min 10sec (Package Course)/2mins(monthly) for 50m in any stroke
3) Trainee must be at least 14 years old (birth year) on the test date

Bronze Medallion is certified under Singapore Lifesaving Society and is one of the mandatory qualifications needed to work as a lifeguard in Singapore. The course focuses on the rescue fitness of learners and builds on the knowledge previously acquired under Lifesaving 1, 2 and 3.



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Items tested in Bronze Medallion:

  • Knowledge of water safety, survival in water, rescue principles and emergency aftercare.

  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation¬†(CPR)

  • Perform Land-based Rescue

  • Perform Water-based Rescue

  • Rescue Fitness within a period of 3 minutes 15 seconds

  • Perform Contact Tow Rescue on an uncooperative casualty and provide aftercare

  • Rescue of a submerged casualty within 1 minute 15 seconds

  • Using initiative on rescue on a given scenario

  • Swim 400 meters continuously in at least three recognized strokes

Upon completion of Bronze Medallion and CPR, Bronze Medallion holders can apply to be a lifeguard in any swimming pool in Singapore subjected to their in-house rules.

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Package Course Fee includes (exclude pool entry but include the following)

  • Usage of Logistics

  • Examination Fee

  • Study Materials

  • Laminating of Certifications

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