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The Experienced Coaches from Aquatics Academy are very well train and qualified by Singapore Lifesaving Society. Do look at the courses available in Aquatics Academy and find the course that fits you.

Andy Leong Yong Hao

With 14 years of coaching lifesaving experience, till now, Andy has always been looking for self improvement on the way he conduct his lesson and improving his knowledge towards lifesaving. With passion towards lifesaving, Andy would always do his best to conduct a lesson which bring satisfaction to the learner as he treats all his students as friends and having to mold each and every learners to be a professional lifesaver. 

Andy Leong’s Certification

NROC swimming Coach

Lifesaving Teacher

ASCTA certified swimming coach

Hya Kia Yuen

Being a female lifesaving coach and 10 years of lifesaving coaching experience, Kia yuen would always show care and concern to each learners  throughout the course. She is a really patient and fun loving coach which brings out joy to all the learners under her care.

Kia’s Certification

Lifesaving Teacher

Teo Wei Yang

Wei Yang has been coaching for the past 10 years, before that he was a professional lifeguard working in many organisation such as Wild Wild Wet, Adventure Cove Waterpark at Resorts World Sentosa and The American Club Singapore. With his past experiences in water theme parks and swimming pools, he teaches not only just text books examples, but also creating a fun but at the same time realistic trainings for learners to understand and to instill a critical thinking skill which is an essential skill for lifesavers.

Wei Yang’s Certification

Lifesaving Teacher

Kayaking level 1 Instructor


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