Lifesaving 123

Lifesaving 123 course Package fee : $450 (October 2023 Promo: $380 <Register by 5 October2023 >)
Duration : 6 sessions(12 hours) plus 1 test(2 hours) (lifesaving 123)
Class size : Min 3 person to start
Pre-requisites : Able to swim 100m in any stroke

Lifesaving 1,2,3 is a pre-requisite required before progressing to any of the higher awards in lifesaving(e.g. Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross, Award Merit, … etc). The course focuses on the basic rescue knowledge and technique that lays the basic fundamental of lifesaving.


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Lifesaving 123 Course Syllabus :

  • Water safety knowledge
  • Recognize types of Casualty
  • Lifesaving Strokes and stroke correction
  • Steps and ways to do rescues
  • Different ways to Entries to water
  • Different ways to Exits and bring the Casualty up
  • Resuscitation for unconscious Casualty
  • Surface Dive and Underwater Swim
  • rescue ready skills
  • Defenses and releases from Casualty
  • Use of bystanders
  • Initiative Training
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Items tested in Lifesaving 1:

Items tested in Lifesaving 2:

Items tested in Lifesaving 3:


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Course Fee(exclude pool entry but include the following)

  • Usage of Logistics
  • Examination Fee
  • Study Materials
  • Laminating of Certifications

Aquatics Academy Lifesaving 123 examination is certified under Singapore Lifesaving Society.

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