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Lifesaving notes from Aquatics Academy are consolidated by our knowledgeable Lifesaving Teachers from various lifesaving sources. With years of experience and teaching, we aim to create the best notes to have the best knowledge transfer from us to our students in the most engaging way.

Principle Of water safety (6A’s)

Alert to Recognition of Emergency

Acceptance of responsibility


  • Casualty
  • Equipment
  • Environment

Action Planning

  • Rescue Ladder
    • Talk
    • Reach
    • Throw
    • Wade
    • Row
    • Swim
    • Tow


After Care

  • Call Ambulance ( Emergency : 995 / Nonemergency ambulance : 1777 )
  • Perform EAR ( Expired air resuscitation )
  • Treatment for injuries
    • Shock Treatment
      • Lie the casualty on a flat surface
      • Raise the leg above heart level
      • Cover the casualty with blanket or a dry clothing
      • Loosen any tight clothing around neck, chest and waist
      • Do not provide any food, drinks or cigarettes to the casualty
      • Wet the casualty’s lips
      • Seek medical help, call 995 for ambulance.
    • Cramp Treatment
      • Stretch and massage the affected muscle with care.
      • For stomach muscle, encourage the casualty to stand straight and gently arch back slowly.
      • Re hydrates
    • Bleeding Treatment
      • Rest/Relax
      •  Immobilization/Ice
      • Compression (direct compression on the wound with a gauze or a clean cloth)
      • Elevation (above heart level)

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